Simple Ways to be a Pharmacist Advocate


Stay Updated on Legislation

  • Follow individuals and/or organizations on social media
  • Subscribe to news updates from professional organizations
  • Read news headlines from news outlets with opposing political affiliations
  • Sign up to stay updated on certain bills in US Congress using GovTrack
  • Sign up to stay updated on certain bills in state legislatures using bill tracking offered through state government websites
  • Check National Conference of State Legislatures ( to get updates on certain topics


Be a Political Blogger

  • Post or share news articles, important legislative or political activity
  • Repost or re-share social media posts from other individuals and/or organizations
  • Write and post a short commentary on a topic
  • Point out bias, omissions, or untruths in mainstream media
  • Ask followers or social media contacts to engage in political activities (ex: vote or register to vote, contact legislators, sign a petition, attend an events, etc)


Contact Your Legislator

  • Send an email, letter, or postcard
  • Make a phone call to your legislator’s office
  • Schedule an in-person meeting at your legislator’s office


Links to find and contact your legislators: