Advocacy Committee shall advocate for pain and palliative pharmacists; Shall gather and report upon all legislative news pertaining to or affecting pain or palliative pharmacy and make recommendations for engaging the Society in legislative activities that will forward the mission and vision of the Society; Shall foster, support or oppose such proposed legislation as directed by members of The Society. 

Chair: Stephanie Abel, PharmD


Development Committee shall provide feedback to other professional or governmental organizations regarding any matters affecting the practice of pain or palliative pharmacy; Shall develop a structure that will promote the development and retention of the pharmacist on transdisciplinary pain or palliative care teams; Shall review issues of professional practice for recommendation to the BoT and serve as a resource for third- party and reimbursement issues/trends nationally

Chair: Kate Juba, PharmD


Education Committee shall develop and participate in providing information and education for all areas of pharmacy practice, other health professions and the public; Shall be responsible for development of all education materials and programs for the Society (e.g. student and resident rotation support materials, board preparation materials, competencies, patient care materials in the form of guidelines, care sets and protocols); Shall develop and review CE program topics that promote the Society’s mission and vision statements and further the professional goals of members and recruits funding for the Society; Shall be responsible for meetings sponsored by the organization; Shall be responsible for the formatting, coordinating and content development for all Society educational events.

Chair: Bridget Protus, PharmD


Finance Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and the annual budget with staff and other board members. The board must approve the budget and all expenditures must be within budget. Any major change in the budget must be approved by the Board of Trustees. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year. Annual reports are required to be submitted to the board showing income, expenditures, pending income, assets, and liabilities. The financial records of The Society are public information and shall be made available to the membership, board members, and the public. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the Society’s budgetary process; Shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget for consideration of approval by the BoT (shall be presented at least two months prior to the beginning of the fiscal year); Shall be responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures and fundraising plans.

Chair: Phyllis Grauer, PharmD


The Membership Committee shall be responsible for programs and public information aimed at recruitment and retention of members; Shall perform periodic evaluation of whether member’s needs are being met; Shall make recommendations for provision of services that may better meet the needs of members; Shall be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of Society services and programs and will periodically survey members for satisfaction especially in cases of non-renewal; Shall be responsible for reviewing and maintaining the governing documents of the organization, and for recommending proposed changes as necessary.

Chair: Michelle Schmidt, PharmD


Nominations Committee shall review all membership conflict of interest forms; Shall make recommendations to executive officers re: leadership roles within the Society and conflict of interest; Shall conduct annual elections as described in Election Process Policy and Procedures.

Chair: Diana Stewart, PharmD


Research Committee shall be responsible for collaborating within the Society on research projects; Shall take the lead in guiding the Society towards dissemination of pertinent Society data or findings; Shall be responsible for all Society grant and research proposals; Shall be responsible for compilation and submission of all Society; publications (e.g. journals, newsletters, special surveys, articles etc); Shall provide mentorship and recognition to members as it relates to original research.

Chair: Michael Smith, PharmD

National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care Membership Representation

Ben Kematick, Tiffany Kneuss, Robert Wahler, Kat Walker


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