The governing body of the Society of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacists is the Executive Officers and the Board of Trustees. The 2020 SPPCP Executive Officers and Board of Trustee representatives are below.


Executive Officers:

Dr. Justin Kullgren (President)

Dr. Cara Brock (President-Elect)

Dr. Phyllis Grauer (Treasurer)

Dr. Kasey Malotte (Secretary)


Board of Trustee Representatives: 

Representing Pain Management

Dr. Jeff Fudin

Dr. Michele Matthews

Dr. Tanya Uritsky

Representing Palliative Care

Dr. Kat Walker

Dr. Benjamin Kematick

Dr. Jessica Geiger-Hayes

Representing Hospice

Dr. Robert Wahler

Dr. Lynn McPherson

Representing Trainees

Dr. Julia Dickman (Resident Representative)

Emily Rousseau (Student Representative)



Past Presidents:

Chris Herndon, PharmD, BCACP (2019)

Bridget Fowler-Scullion, PharmD, BCOP (2018)

Rabia Atayee, PharmD, BCPS (2017)

Julie Lehn, PharmD (2016 - Founding)