Literature Award Application 2019


  • Deadline for application submission is January 7
  • At least one of the authors must be a pharmacist member of the Society of Palliative Care Pharmacists (SPCP) both at the time of application and at time of award acceptance.
  • The SPCP member must submit the application. Indicate which authors are SPCP member(s) in the citation space above with an asterisk (*).
  • The SPCP member is responsible for informing co-author(s) of the award application.
  • The article submitted must have been published in a PubMed-indexed (or comparable database: CINAHL, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, or EMBASE), peer-reviewed biomedical journal between January 1 – December 31 of the application year.  Both print and electronic articles are eligible for consideration.  
  • For example, for the Literature Award presented in 2019 will cover articles published between January 1 and December 31, 2018.
  • Articles that were submitted as advance electronic publications (e.g., epub ahead of print in 2018) will not be considered for print submission in subsequent years.  


The Research Committee of the SPCP encourages members to submit awards for all types of published manuscripts (e.g., randomized, controlled prospective trials, case studies, retrospective reviews, etc) that the member feels meets the criteria below.

  • Originality: Is the information presented novel? Will it move hospice, palliative care, or pain management practice forward?
  • Impact & Quality: Does the submitted article address a significant need/problem/issue related to medication use or the role of the pharmacist in hospice, palliative care, or pain management practice? Impact factor of journal? 
  • Innovation: Does the submitted article challenge paradigms, introduce new technology or practice methods, or advance safe and effective medication use?
  • Dissemination & Rigor: Was the article published in a peer-reviewed journal? Were results presented at a local, state or national meeting (poster/podium, etc)? Was target audience pharmacists or interdisciplinary team?


Selection Process
The SPCP Research Committee will review and score all applications received by the application submission deadline. The recipient of the award will be notified after the review is completed. Announcement of the recipient will be made in the SPCP Newsletter immediately prior to the 2019 AAHPM Annual Meeting. The Literature Award will be formally presented at a SPCP Networking Event, such as the AAHPM Annual Meeting. If the awardee is unable to attend AAHPM, SPCP reserves the right to rotate the formal award presentation to other meetings with significant SPCP attendance (e.g., PAINWeek, ASHP Mid-Year).


Application Instructions

Please provide a brief description for each of the following categories in support of your submitted article (maximum 100 words per section). You must submit a PDF copy of the article, as published, along with your application. Note: Submissions by members of the Research Committee and/or Board of Trustees, and those affiliated with the author(s) organizations, will be required to abstain from both the application scoring and the final award decision process.

Points will be equally distributed across the 4 categories

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